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Course - Mondays 

Age Time
Tennis Hot Shots Red 5 - 8 3.45 - 4.25pm
Tennis Hot Shots Orange 7 -10 4.30 - 5.15pm
Tennis Hot Shots Green 9 - 11 5.15 - 6.00pm
Super Shots (Yellow)  11+

6.00 - 7.00pm

*Please note all ages are a guideline only.

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Spaces are limited (6 students per class)

Hotshots Junior Tennis Programs

The programme is designed as an introduction to tennis in a fun atmosphere, to encourage participation and skill development that includes: hand-eye coordination, basic swing patterns, ball tracking and understanding concepts.

Why Play with Modified Equipment

Tennis Hotshots uses modified equipment to aid player development in the early stages of learning the game of tennis. Smaller Court sizes, Rackets and lower bouncing (and slower travelling) balls enable the children to learn the skills of the game quicker, succeed more often and to compete and enjoy the game of tennis at an earlier age, preparing the children for a lifetime in the game.

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The Junior Performance Programme aims to provide specialist training for all our selected players. All of our tennis training is based on the most current research ensuring Tennis Monsters players receive cutting-edge training at all times.

Tennis Monsters offer a complete package giving our players access to:

· Mental skills training

· Specialised physiotherapists

· Video analysis

· Movement screening

· Physical trainers

· Mentorships with experienced coaches in the tennis industry

The Development groups are:

1. Red Development Programme (8-years-old and under)

2. Orange Development Programme (10-years-old and under)

3. Green Development Programme (11-years-old and under)

4. High-Performance Programme (Yellow ball)

5. Platinum Programme (11+ years 2-3 year interclub players)

6. Black Programme (11+ years, top club junior interclub players)

Tennis Monsters Coaching Director Tracey O’Connor—former Grand Slam junior ranked #55 in the world—is your first point of contact to determine your child’s suitability to be part of our junior high-performance programme. Please contact us to discuss further.

Hotshots Blue (3-5yrs)

blue stage image THS


Mini Shots is a tennis programme for 3-5-year-old children and is a “launching pad” towards the Hot Shots programme. At this age children acquire new skills quickly and create a solid foundation for further development. Children will learn the basic skills of simple balance and movement, basic racquet and ball skills, simple swing patterns and group structure through game-based learning. It is a fun and easy course conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment. Parent participation is most welcome for this age group.

Court size: variable
Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 19-21 inches

Hotshots Red Stage (5-8yrs)


5-8 YEARS — 45 MINUTES — 1/2 COURT

Hot Shots Red is a beginner level tennis programme for 5-8-year-old children. Children play with larger, low compression balls and a modified court to allow them to develop their tennis skills properly. The focus is on fun and learning so they have all the tools they need to keep playing and enjoying tennis in the future. During the programme players will learn:

· Movement in different directions, stopping and balancing

· Proper contact and simple control of the ball

· Rally skills learnt through throwing, hitting and catching

· Basic stroke shapes – forehand, backhand, volley, with control of the ball

· Group structure and game based learning

· Co-ordinated running, jumping and hopping

· Simple grips and contact points

· Introduction of the serve

· Rallying over a short distance

· How to win a point and where to stand

Court size: 3 m × 8.23 or 6 m × 10.97

Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression)

Recommended racquet size: 21–23 inches


Hotshots Orange (8-10yrs)


8-10 YEARS — 45 MINUTES — 3/4 COURT

Hot Shots Orange is a beginner-intermediate level tennis programme for children aged 8-10-years-old. Children play with medium compression tennis balls, bouncing lower and move slower to allow them to have longer rallies. Children learn a variety of skills:

· Quick and efficient movement

· Co-ordinated rotation and use of both arms

· Effective swing shapes including the use of spin

· Rallying from the baseline, including cross court

· Serving on balance with a consistent act on and higher contact point

· Specific and adapted footwork patterns

· Refined stroke shapes including the use of spin

· Changing the stroke to direct the ball and hit to different areas of the court

· Better throwing action and grip on the serve

· Tactical awareness of the opponent

Court size: 6.4 m × 18.29 m

Tennis ball: orange ball (50% compression)

Recommended racquet size: 23–25 inches

Hotshots Green (9+yrs)



Hot Shots Green is an intermediate-advanced level tennis programme for children aged 9-11-years-old. Children focus on developing the following skills:

  • Basic to excellent movement to, from and around the ball
  • Coordinated use of all parts of the body
  • Basic to adapted stances
  • Basic full-court strategy and tactics
  • Consistency in strokes and rally
  • Refining serve technique including the introduction of the 2nd serve
  • Strokes based upon intended shot and changing the flight, spin, and speed of the ball


Court size: 10.97 m × 23.78 m (full court)
Tennis ball: green ball (75% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 25–27 inches